Classic Jazz

Welcome to the Classic Jazz demo page.

Brian Wolfe’s jazz groups are available in various configurations, from solo piano or saxophone, to a full quintet with vocals. Other style groups are available to meet your needs for any occasion, including Brazilian, Latin, etc.

Past clients include:
Ferrari Motor Company
Bentley Motors
American Airlines
American Heart Association
Ritz Carlton Hotel
Intercontinental Hotel
Fontainebleau Hotel
The Mandarin Oriental
The Biltmore Hotel
Donald Trump’s Mar A Lago
The Loews Hotel
The Breakers Hotel
And many more…

Demo’s performed by Brian Wolfe (sax/drums/keys) and Camilo Velandia (Guitar).

Credits: “How Insensitive” by A.C. Jobim, “Body & Soul” by Johnny Green, and “Just The Way You Are” by Billy Joel.

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